The History of Pasteis de Belém

The History of Pasteis de Belém

In the early nineteenth century, in Belém, near the Monastery of Jeronimos, labored one refining cane sugar associated with a small place of varied stores.

As a result of the Liberal Revolution occurred in 1820, are in 1834 closed all monasteries in Portugal, expelling clergy and workers.

In an attempt to survive, the Monastery someone puts for sale that store some sweet pastries, quickly called “Pastéis de Belém. ”

At that time, the Belém zone originated in the city of Lisbon and the route was confirmed by steamship. However, the splendor Tempat Wisata di Samarinda and Menara Belem, attract visitors who soon get used to the taste of the delicious pastries that come from the Monastery.

In 1837, the initial manufacture of “Pastel de Belém” in a facility associated with purification, according to the ancient “secret”, which came from the monastery. Transmitted exclusively known to the confectioners who make it by hand, in the “Secret Workshop. “This recipe remains the same today.

In fact, the only true “Pastel de Belém” factory can, through a thoughtful selection of ingredients, give today’s Portuguese sweets the taste of today’s sweets.

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