Traditional Christmas Dishes From Around The World
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Traditional Christmas Dishes From Around The World

From mouth-watering German dumplings to sumptuous Ethiopian stewed chicken, a beautiful Christmas dinner Pantai Bira Bulukumba is never complete without all these delicacies to share with family and friends around the table. Whether you’re looking for new recipes for the holidays, or just curious about traditional Christmas dishes from around the world, don’t open this post if you’re hungry!

Buche de Noel, France

A rolled sponge cake filled with flavored buttercream and decorated to look like a fallen log, finished with powdered sugar. The great thing about Buche de Noel is that you can create your own customized version of it.

Feast of seven fishes, Italy

The Feast of Seven Fishes features Italian-influenced seafood recipes, from lobster fra diavolo (spicy lobster with pasta in tomato sauce) to sautéed sole topped with olives.

Chocolatadas, Peru

Chocolotadas is a Peruvian spiced hot chocolate, usually served with baked panettone to the less fortunate in celebration of Christmas in Peru. The best part about it is that the recipe can be easily learned. Enjoy!

Avgolemono, Greece

Greek lemon chicken soup, usually served in Greek households at Christmas dinner. It’s one of the most delicious soups out there with a simple preparation method. Give it a try.

Platzchen, Germany

Platzchen, or Advent cookies, are delicious baked fruit and nuts cakes with powdered sugar in Germany, and they are just one of the many traditional Germanic desserts that are gaining increased international fame with their modern twists, excelled by innovative chefs like Martin Steiner at Jumeirah Frankfurt.

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Doro Wat, Ethiopia

Doro Wat is a long-stewed dish of chicken flavored with chile, garlic, berbere, cardamom, and ginger, and served with boiled egg. It’s the perfect dish to start exploring the sumptuous African cuisine.

Tourtière, Canada

A delicious Canadian meat pie, with apple cider and warming spices. So good that it got restaurants named after it.

Pernil Asado, Puerto Rico

Pernil Asado, or Roast pork shoulder, is slowly roasted and seasoned to perfection with spices like garlic, oregano, orange juice, olive oil and cumin. Yum Yum.

Colaci, Romania

Colaci is a Romanian speciality bread made on Christmas eve and shared with neighbours as an expression of the holiday’s spirit.

Christmas Goose, USA

A roast goose with stuffing, usually the centre piece for the American holiday feast. Learn this delicious Danish goose recipe from the chef at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, René Redzepi.