Honeymoon The Top 5 Dream Destinations
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Honeymoon The Top 5 Dream Destinations

Looking for the ideal destination for an unforgettable honeymoon and make a beautiful honeymoon? You want to get away a few days and enjoy beautiful landscapes (long beaches of white sand, coconut palms, crystal clear waters…) and live your love romance?

Take inspiration from our list of Wisata di Jogja to choose your dream destination and enjoy an extraordinary honeymoon:

The Maldives

This is THE favorite destination for most of the people to spend a honeymoon 100% relaxation and romance. You can enjoy your stay in a suite on stilts and enjoy a wonderful setting. The seabed is very interesting, scuba diving is one of the main activities in the Maldives.


Dream shoreline, a sea of translucent colors, welcome to the Seychelles! The nature lovers will enjoy this destination in the middle of the Indian Ocean. On site, you can explore the jungle and many dream beaches lined with palm trees and unusual rocks.

French Polynesia

Lagoons and beaches are Polynesian paradise. Diving enthusiasts will be amazed! By choosing this destination, you can also explore a lush and introduce you to the traditional customs of the Polynesians (flowers around the neck, tattoos, dances).

The Bahamas

The Bahamas will appeal to fans of relaxation, beautiful beaches of white sand, emerald sea, all under the tropical sun! The architecture of the hotel in the Bahamas has been often spectacular (palace of very large capacity, including dozens of amenities: spa, swimming pools, water sports…).

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Indonesia a more original destination that is attracting interest from a growing number of newlyweds. It was in Bali that you will find more accommodation offers but know that Lombok and Java are also paradise destinations Muda. Luxury hotel or cottage in the jungle, you have big choice! Indonesia is an ideal place for those who appreciate peace and nature.

Make sure you mention that you are newlyweds when booking, Wisata di Magelang may offer certain benefits (floral decoration, candlelight dinner, bottle of wine.