Bora Bora: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

If you are trying to find the perfect location to spend your honeymoon, look no further. Bora Bora: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination is filled with magical energy, aquatic beauty and water that is beautifully turquoise green. Bora Bora is a fascinating and enticing island located in the South Pacific. There are gorgeous sandy beaches with […]

Honeymoon At One of Thailand’s Gorgeous Beaches

After the stress and frenzy that almost always accompanies wedding planning and the big day itself, most couples want to relax on their honeymoon. Sure, they want to visit some place that’s beautiful and even exotic, but they also prefer to spend a lot of time lounging and simply being together. What better place to […]

Smallest States In The World – Check This List

Here is a list of the Smallest States in the world. This list does not include the territory. 1. Vatican City Vatican City with an area of 0.44 km2 with and a population of about 800 inhabitants of whom is a permanent citizen it is the first of the smallest states in the world. The […]

Koumos – Surprising Handmade Discovery

On my traveling through Greece I visited a lot of Greek Islands in Mediterranean Sea. The list is endless but you need to go and visit the biggest, Crete. When you step on this island you will feel that is different than other islands by culture, music, food, attractions and people. Crete has a lot […]

Paris: The City of Love and Light

Paris is one of the most fascinating cities of the world. It is the global fashion capital as people here know how to dress and are up-to-date as far as fashion is concerned. Most of the fashion conscious people from all over the world want to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. Paris […]

Houston – Yours Infinite Possibilities

Houston is energy capital of the western world. It`s the largest and most populous city in Texas. We can say that everything in this city is brought by sea through Gulf of Mexico. The city economy is driven by petroleum. Like we said everything is huge and big in Texas. Houston territory is so big […]

Maldives, a pearl in the Indian Ocean

Maldives is one of the most exotic conglomeration of islands in the Indian Ocean. There around 1,190 coral islands along with 26 natural atolls which form the country? Maldives is known for its deep blue frothy seas with white sandy beaches. The country looks all the more beautiful because of the turquoise reefs and palm […]

Incredible India: The Best Place For Tourists

India, the land where culture reverberates. India is a country of culture and legacies. This is owing to the fact that India is one of the countries which are famous for tourism. It presents a wide range of beautiful travel spots that fascinates travelers from different countries. It is not possible to write down all […]

Pakistan Where the Twain Meets

Pakistan is a place in the world which has the privilege of still preserving the monumental, historical and archeological remains of all those who ever happen to be lording over the land. There is Mohenjo-Daro and Taxila to unfold the mysteries of the Indus Valley Civilization. There are sites where Alexander the great had his […]