Koumos - Surprising Handmade Discovery
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Koumos – Surprising Handmade Discovery

On my traveling through Greece I visited a lot of Greek Islands in Mediterranean Sea. The list is endless but you need to go and visit the biggest, Crete. When you step on this island you will feel that is different than other islands by culture, music, food, attractions and people. Crete has a lot of attractions worth to visit but you can`t miss one unique place.

I heard about one place west out of Kalyves – Koumos which was made by one man by his own hands. Literally He made that place from stone and different things that He collects through time.  It`s not only has floors, walls and roof that are decorated with stones. Koumos has also a lot of handmade sculptures. All of this is lifetime`s work of just one man.

Koumos unique stone place

At Koumos you have a tavern built of stone, some tables and benches in a stunning garden, a coffee room and it’s all built by one person and made of pebbles and stones. You can take Jasa Penulis Artikel by yourself and warm Greek hospitality. Inspired by the times, this man shows his art in stunning sculptures and ideas. You will walk through small buildings, gardens under trees and statues surrounded by peaceful sounds.

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Koumos is the perfect place for a day trip and explore the hidden beauty of this place. You can organize your day to go to the beach in the morning and after that you can go have lunch and relax walking through the beautiful gardens and attractions in Koumos. So take your chance and visit Koumos on your holiday in Crete, Greece. Really worth to visit this place. And for more information if you want to see about Koumos, visit the TripAdvisor site.