Maldives, a pearl in the Indian Ocean
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Maldives, a pearl in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives is one of the most exotic conglomerates of islands in the Indian Ocean. There are about 1,190 coral islands along with 26 natural atolls that make up this country? Wisata Kuningan Terbaru is famous for its foamy blue sea with white sandy beaches. The country looks even more beautiful as turquoise coral reefs and palm trees adorn almost all of its landscapes. You can even see fish swimming around the reef while lazing on the beach. Your kids will also enjoy the coral-fringed beach where they can spend hours building sandcastles and collecting sea shells. The Maldives boasts beautiful panoramic views of the sea and its beaches. It is an internationally famous tourist spot and thousands of tourists continue to visit this place to enjoy this geographical wonder.

The most interesting part of this holiday destination is that you can travel to this place anytime in the year without bothering about the temperature. Maldives has an envious climate which is almost stable throughout the year. The temperature is consistent at approximately 30 degrees Celsius with warm sunny days and cool breezy nights. The mornings are a pleasure here as you can see the sun rising on the horizon over the sea. The sky is warmly lit with the orange hue of the rising sun while the sea below is blue and calm. The palm trees sway in the cool breeze of the morning making it look like a dream.

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The weather of Maldives acts like a balm to the soul especially the mornings and the evenings. They help you to relax completely making you feel happy and rejuvenated. There are two prominent seasons in Maldives namely the dry season and the wet season. The dry season extends from January to March while the wet season is from mid-May to November. If you want to feel the rains by the side of the seashore then you can travel to Maldives during wet season. Imagine yourself swimming in the sea with rain pouring from above. It is going to be a very unique experience especially if you come from an area where there are no large water bodies like sea or ocean.

If you are traveling to Maldives then you need not worry about accommodation. Maldives has some of the best holiday resorts in the world. There are very good hotels and guest houses which are equipped with all the modern facilities and are equivalent to the best hotels of the world in terms of service, ambience, cost, and safety. It is better to book your place of accommodation in advance as there is always a heavy rush of tourists. Maldives is well-connected and is easily accessible from Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries. Once you reach Male you can travel to various islands in a boat or a seaplane.

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Male, the capital of Maldives is an island city and your travel cannot be complete without seeing its historic sites, artificial beach, skyscrapers, and swimming tracks.