Gardens And Parks – Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilazes

Gardens And Parks – Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilazes

This park has three distinct zones: the Quinta das Conchas, Mata and Quinta dos Lilazes. Quinta das Conchas, larger area, consists of a large central lawn divided by a palm-alignment of Canary-limited top higher by a group of olive trees and wild olive. Next to the big lake, lies a massive eucalyptus large, rated grove of public interest, where are the picnic tables.

The Forest is a dense forest area, with a diverse set of species. Separated from Quinta das Conchas by a wall, we Quinta dos lilac, with its famous artificial lake representing the islands of Sao Tome and Principe, decorated with palm trees.

The vegetation is marked by the alignment of wild olives next to the Quinta das Conchas and the presence of eucalyptus, poplar, ash, elm and laurel wall. The shrub layer is reduced and the coating is clearing zones in upland meadow. This farm has two sorted trees. The existence of diverse habitats gives this park a great value in terms of biodiversity, a number of species occurring above normal for urban green spaces.

Equipment: Playground; Coffee; Restaurant and terrace; Health; Stage for holding spectacles; Support building with a reception and exhibition area; Supporting tables

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