Restaurant - O Solar dos Presuntos

Restaurant – O Solar dos Presuntos

Anyone who enters Solar dos Presuntos, get in your house, that’s how we wanted it to be and for that we founded the Solar dos Presuntos. In over thirty-five years of existence (opened its doors on October 30, 1974) recovered the great tradition of Minho kitchen.

The eat well and good belongs to the category of affections. And affections imply that we are courteous, affable and warm. This is why those who enter Solar dos Presuntos, enters your house.

For over a quarter century to present (with a recognized by the best quality domestic and foreign experts) a series of dishes that are authentic specialties of one of the oldest Portuguese cuisines.

Writers, journalists, politicians, actors, footballers, businessmen, architects, engineers – famous people, but mostly good people, has honored the Solar dos Presuntos with your presence and your encouragement. The huge photographs and cartoons that reflect the walls are willing, albeit partially, the quality of our customers. This is why our customers know that when they enter this house, come into your house.

The history of the Solar dos Presuntos is, all of it, full of other stories that are already part of the recent history of our country Otota. Even so we feel proud and take the responsibility to pursue a job that, in our view, is also , a cultural service and the hyphen that are built great friendships.

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Address: Rua Portas de Santo Antão 150, 1150-269 Lisboa

Phone number: 00351213424253