Honeymoon Hotels In Tulum, Mexico`

Honeymoon Hotels In Tulum, Mexico

Tulum resides at the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, known as one of the earliest resorts within the entirety of the country’s rich history. The city was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans. Today, Tulum is perhaps one of the best culturally preserved cities in Mexico, a fact making the city attractive to many tourists across the world.

The most typical travel options for Tulum-bound honeymoons include honeymoon packages, allowing couples to rent a lavish suite for the occasion, in addition to various included amenities. A soon-to-be wed couple can actually create a wedding registry for these aforementioned honeymoon packages, where their wedding party can actually pay for portions of their trip.

What if you’re not interested in an all-inclusive honeymoon package? You can always rent a singular hotel suite at Tulum’s many lavish and romantic honeymoon-friendly hotels.

The Ana y Jose Hotel is a honeymoon-friendly hotel offering a sophisticated Mediterranean-style experience for newlywed couples. Couples who enjoy good food and spa treatments will enjoy their spa and food offerings. The establishment hosts 23 suites and cottages, located near pools, gardens and even a beachfront. Ana y Jose sports a streamlined style of singular colors and bright accents, a fresh experience for couples who enjoy modern interior design.

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Couples who are a bit more adventurous can check out the Cabanas Copal, an inherently laid-back and rustic establishment. The place hosts several thatched-roof cabanas, located within sandy jungles or nearby the ocean. The nearby beach is a treat for couples looking for relaxation on their honeymoon-though remember, it’s clothing-optional! Couples can even book a massage in the spa cabana right on the beach, if they want an extra element added to their relaxing vacation wisata jogja.

A more humble establishment that honeymooning couples can check out is the La Nueva Vida de Ramiro. It’s a warm South American styled resort, hosting a set of 30 rooms that are a selection of bungalows, cabanas and suites peppered with a Caribbean-style theme. Couples can head to the Casa Banana restaurant for a romantic dinner, and later take a stroll along the beach at night.

Tulum is home to a bevy of tropical beaches, where tourists can also spot preserved Mayan ruins nestled on the shore of the nearby Caribbean Sea. In addition to the tropical backdrops, there’s plenty of vistas to check out, not to mention the various resorts located throughout the area. If you’re about to start planning a honeymoon, why not choose Tulum as your destination of choice?