Experience A Bounty Like No Other

Experience A Bounty Like No Other

Considered one of the most alluring and charming places in England, it comes as no surprise that Covent Garden plays host to many attractions that are both historical and modern. With a history and culture that spans thousands of years, it comes as no surprise that a place such as this would be the recipient of so many cultural niceties and tradition. It should also be noted that there are many accommodation spots in the area which are of a superlative standard. Widely regarded by many tourists, Convent Garden is certainly a place that needs to be visited for its sheer heritage and culture alone.

Consequently there is much when it comes to culture and history in Covent Garden. For instance, it is noted that the history of Covent Garden spans thousands of years. This comes as no surprise since it is a well known fact that the Romans did occupy this are and did much in terms of colonization. Roman rule by the way was in the 1500s, so in effect we are talking about many years of history and cultural contributions. As one would also expect there are many royal kings who have also made their particular mark in this well known region.

For example, the modern Covent Garden was actually known as ‘Convent Garden’ during the reign of King John. It was the name given to 40 acres of land contained within Middlesex. After changing hands with even King Henry VIII, it was finally granted via royal patent to the Earl of Bedford. Besides this great deal of history and culture and exciting events that ultimately went a long way to create the Covent Garden which we know of today, there is also much in the way of materialistic produce that can be purchased and enjoyed in this inimitable locale.

Besides having a myriad of fruit shops and retail shops, there are some incredible accommodation spots which offer a great deal of quality when it comes to providing tourists with a comfortable vacation time. There is for instance the Strand Palace Hotel London, which is widely regarded as one of the best places to stay in. Promising much in the way of a hospitable service, this inimitable abode also provides many amenities and facilities that are there to ensure the comfort and pleasure of all guests. Enjoy the best of British cuisine and experience a stay like no other in this fanciful abode of sorts.

The Strand Palace Hotel whilst being located in Covent Garden, would deem itself lucky for being in the hub of all the excitement. There is much to do and experience here since Covent Garden truly is a tourist attractions by itself alone. For example, there is Neal Street which offers a cornucopia of fashion infused retail shops for the young generation who are clearly shopping minded. Boasting some of the best brands available, this particular area would be a shopper’s delight by far. Ideal for the entire family, it would be a super chance to do some Christmas shopping for the entire family.

The cosy and comfy Strand Palace London as mentioned is one of the better hotels to stay in Covent Garden. Yet it would be prudent to double check the facilities and amenities on offer and the amount you would be paying for a stay, just so as to avoid disappointment. To enjoy a spectacular stay like no other, take a trip down to Covent Garden and enjoy the absolute ‘Britishness’ of this location. With a multitude of things to do and experience this truly is a destination like no other.