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A Few of My Favorite Things

23 Apr

I’m always trying out new beauty products, but there are a few items that seem to withstand my near-constant beauty product purges.


What’s in my beauty bag:

1. Longchamp Le Pliage tote: Firstly, it’s huge. It even has a handy little pocket at the top to store all of my everyday makeup products. I’ve had this bag for four years and it has gone everywhere with me: work, class, the gym, vacations, etc.  It even survived my college years and bears no battle scars to prove it, which is more than I can say for myself.

2. Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes: Every gal should keep a pack of facial wipes in her purse. These come in handy on hot days when your face just needs refreshing, and they smell HEAVENLY. They are also great for nights when you are too tired (or lazy) to wash your face :)

3. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Deluxe Mini: Up until last year, I was the queen of drugstore mascara. However, after receiving this mini for free, I gave it a try and fell in love! My lashes look super long and I don’t need to retouch very often. I keep a big bottle at home and a mini in my purse.

4. MAKE UP FOREVER HD Microfinish Powder: This is a must-have for busy workdays. Just a quick dash of this invisible powder and shine is gone!

5. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer: Perfect for touch-ups on-the-go. Plus, it contains salicylic acid to heal while it conceals.

6. NARS Blush-Bronzer Duo: The Orgasm/Laguna combo is my favorite. Having the blush and bronzer in the same compact makes it easy to stow and go.

7. Smith’s Rosebud Salve: The ultimate lip balm. I never go anywhere without my Rosebud Salve. Seriously. The thought of accidentally leaving it at home gives me anxiety.

8. MAC Turquatic Rollerball: A great alternative to classic, floral scents. Turquatic has become a fragrance staple for me, and the rollerball is the perfect size for a small makeup bag. It’s two parts beachy, one part floral – and I can’t get enough!




It’s Mickey’s World

3 Mar

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to see Disney on Ice as a kid, you might remember dramatic light shows, fireworks, and the evil witches and queens scaring the crap out of you.


Not so with Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate, the latest version of the classic show. Much to this mom’s relief, the show’s fun party theme was a delight to watch from start to finish, even when the “bad guys” strolled onto the ice for a trick-or-treating party.

Show highlights:

  • Oliver refusing to open his eyes until seconds after the music started


  • Ariel – Oliver’s favorite. Somebody is SO getting an Ariel doll for his birthday.
  • The swanky jazz tunes thanks to The Princess and the Frog
  • Ursula’s absence – I’ve promised Oliver over and over that the “big lady octopus” can’t get him because she has to stay in big water. I had no plan for how I was going to explain her suddenly appearing on the ice in skates.
  • Amazing talent – seriously, this is where former Olympians go to kick back and have fun


Our only complaint:

  • It was REALLY loud! Oliver had his ears plugged for the entire second half.


Final Verdict:

Anytime Disney does anything – go. Just go. It’s Disney’s world and I am more than happy to be living in it. ;) DisneyonIce_3.1.14_4

Lola Red Office Playlist

15 Jul


At the Lola Red World Headquarters, we consider music a necessity—along with coffee and dogs of course! We don’t just enjoy a little background noise… we like it loud! In any given day the playlist changes from old–school jams to summertime country hits. However, here are a few of our faves that resonate no matter what the day has in store.


Come and Get It- Selena Gomez



Women’s World- Cher



We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus



Run the World- Beyonce



Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn


Lola Red Plugged In

6 Feb


It seemed preposterous to think our new office space could be any more fun, but when boss brought in the Sonos Wireless HiFi Sound System, we were all smitten.

Our team connects to the wireless speaker through a free app that we can download to our computers or phones. Then we use Spotify Premium, Pandora, SiriusXM, iTunes, and many other music sources, to pump our favorite jams.

What’s the downfall? We’re all fighting over who gets control of the music choices for the day. Check out a glimpse into a musical day at Lola Red PR with this playlist. (Warning: not all tunes are appropriate for all ages and/or haters of Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Robyn.)

Until next time…play it loud and proud.

Beautiful Life in a Bottle

5 Feb


It’s time to raise your glass to Suja Juices, the newest line of organic juice to hit the shelves at Whole Foods. Suja, which means “long, beautiful life” in Hindu, packs tons of greens, roots, fruits and herbs into a raw, cold-pressed beverage to keep you balanced and hydrated.

So, why should you trade your glass of vino for a glass of greens? Think of it this way: just like you need a vacation from your hectic day-to-day life, so does your body’s internal system. Suja’s three different juice cleanses and six different lifestyle packages replenish your body and can be delivered directly to your door.

Can’t wait to try Suja out? Head to your local Whole Foods to pick up the deliciously fresh juices.

P.S. Our discovery of our new fave juices wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Beauty Bets. (Thanks girl!)

Until next time…bottoms up.

Who’s That Stud?

18 Jan


They can be seen on shoes, purses, coats, and even fingernails. Studs are the finest things that have happened to clothing and accessories since Justin Timberlake bedazzled his bandana. And just like the gems on J.T.’s headwear, studs are easy to DIY.

What you need:

  • An item that needs jazzing up
  • Studs or spikes of any shape and size (check out Studs & Spikes for tons of options)



  • Usually flat and can come in many different shapes, sizes and textures
  • Don’t need any equipment to apply just push the stud’s prongs through the fabric and fold over using your fingers
  • If your fingers can start to get sore, use a needle-nosed pliers to arrange studs on your item


spikes 2

  • Usually have a “screwback” which helps secure the spike in place
  • Need to punch a hole in the item in order to secure the spike, so it’s important to be able to have access to the inside or back of the item
  •  Can use your own hands or a screwdriver to screw the spike in place

Until next time…stud your duds.

Go Home(Town) for the Holidays

14 Dec
It happens every year. There’s one person on your holiday gift list who has everything. Give that person something they can be proud to wear whether they’re heading home for the holidays or reminiscing years past.


The Social Dept. is a two-person t-shirt company in Ohio which specializes in handmade silkscreen goods including t-shirts, posters, children’s clothing and bags. These aren’t your typical t-shirts–each is complete with a snarky saying referencing various cities in the U.S.

These shirts let you show your holiday spirit by supporting your hometown’s athletic team, the food that made your fave place famous, or the region you love the most. Plus, the Social Dept. is guaranteeing delivery by Christmas Eve if you get your orders in by midnight on Sunday, December 16!

Until next time…remember, there’s no place like home for the holidays, or a gift that will remind you of it.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

13 Nov

It’s official, the winter months are descending upon us. Let’s face it, it’s hard to look hot when it’s cold outside. Thank the fashion gods for ALL Knitwear, which will keep you stylishly warm for the winter.

We love the classic knit stocking hats that are $48 a piece at the online hat shop. They come in a variety of colors and patterns with unique hand-made poms for each style. The hats can be paired with jeans, a down vest, and boots to spend a warm day out in the cool elements.

Annie Larson, founder of ALL Knitwear, had not knit a single stitch until 2009. Once she started, she was hooked. She quit her job and devoted all of her time to launching ALL Knitwear, which now has an online store featuring Annie’s knit sweaters and hats. We don’t know where our heads would be without Annie and ALL Knitwear.

Until next time…stay cool by keeping warm.

Something to Blush About

8 Nov

The perfect blush can be hard to come by. Celebrities have taken their cheeks to a new unnatural level and unfortunately, many fans have followed suit. From the Kardashians to Christina Aguilera, the cheek has become too pink, too red or too shimmery. What ever happened to wearing a blush that highlights your natural bone structure?

Here are some ideas to getting back to a blush that is 100 percent you.

  • Smashbox’s O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color—this gel goes on clear and reacts with your own personal skin chemistry to create a customized flush of rosy color.
  • Stila’s Custom Color Blush—this one-shade-fits-all powder blush comes in coral, pink or bronze and reacts with your pH for a perfect hue highlight.
  • Benefit’s Benetint—created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, this rose-tinted cheek stain can also be used on your lips. Transform your cheek with this sheer red liquid for a natural, sultry look.

Check out this video of makeup artist and connoisseur, Bobbi Brown, demonstrating the proper way to blush.

Until next time…stay cheeky.


6 Nov

It used to be all about the “Pin” to win, but now you can save a buck when you “Hukk.” The new social shopping site, Hukkster, allows you to Hukk full-priced items you love from your favorite online stores and the site will alert you via email or text when that product goes on sale.

There are definite similarities between Hukkster and Pinterest. You sign up to receive an invitation to the site, you bookmark the Hukk It button to easily save products, the products you Hukk are organized into lists, and you can share your lists with others.

So what’s the Hukkster-hype? Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse and the slew of daily emails from your favorite retailers. With Hukkster, you can compare prices by collecting your fave products from different online stores and putting them in one place; and you will only be alerted when something you’ve Hukked goes on sale. Hukkster is ideal for the upcoming holiday season as you can keep your eye on expensive gifts for family, friends or your honey!

Until next time…be a savvy shopper.


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